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Love Foakleys! The most important role of sunglasses is for shade.When we go out under the strong sunlight,our pupil will adjust itself to control the light flux. when the light is too strong to control,on this occasion it will do harm to our eyes.So when you are go out for some activities,especailly in summer,many people will use Foakleys sunglasses to block some sunlight. Foakleys Sunglasses can reduce fatigue of eyes and the harm from stong sunlight.Buy yourself a pair of sunglasses in this season. Sunglasses are very useful for your eyes. And the another great advantage of Foakleys sunglasses is you can look more stylish and cooler.


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Foakleys Sunglasses regard as hot accessroies for us. At this best-selling season of sunglasses,I would like to share some tips I know about sunglasses. I hope they will be useful for you.there are many summer sunglasses in various styles.How do we select perfect sunglasses for us.

Dark green lenses:these foakleys sunglasses can absorb few heat to bring you cool feeling.But the translucency and clarity of theses Fake Oakleys sunglassses is not very good. So they are good choice for people under the stong sunlight.But they are not suitable for drivers.

Grey lenses:These Grey foakleys sunglasses are more comprehensive. when you put on these sunglasses, you still can identify colors clearly.

Dark brown lenses:These Dark foakleys sunglasses can block some reflected light,so that wearers still can see clearly some details. These sunglasses are great choice for drivers and pilots.

Blue lenses: These Blue foakleys sunglasses is the most popular for people.Blue lenses can filter the reflected blue light from seas and sky.

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